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Spa Manicure - $30 

Pamper yourself starting with an uplifting milk bath soak followed by nail shaping and cuticle care. Aluxurious moisturizing scrub, an illuminating mask filled with antioxidants and a hand and arm massage is given. Finishing with a rich shade of  polish.  Making your hands feel and look more youthful.

Classic Manicure - $25

Time is limited but still want to look good? Then here is your answer. A luxurious milk bath soak followed by cuticle and nail care. Ending up with a hydrating hand massage and  fashion forward polish.

Shellac Manicure - $40

Nail shaping and cuticle care are given following up with a rich shade of CND Shellac power polish and ending with a light hand massage.

Shellac Spa Manicure - $45

Nail shaping and cuticle care, followed by a CND Shellac power polish and a luxurious sugar scrub, hydrating mask and a relaxing hydrating hand massage.

SNS gelous Manicure - $43

Nail shaping and cuticle care are given, followed up with a SNS gelous brilliant color dipping powder and finishing up with cuticle oil and a light hand massage.

Removable Gel Full Set - $65

Gel Full Set - $65

Gel Fill-In - $45

A La Carte Platter

Fade - $3

Glitter - $3

Foil - $5

Nail Art - $3 and up

Important Notice

All implements tools are sanitized in accordance with AZ the state board of cosmetology

"The health and appearance of my fingernails has changed dramatically since you introduced me to SNS gelous dipping powder in lieu of polish and gel polish. Ever since I moved out west over twenty years ago, my beautiful, strong and healthy nails disappeared. In its place were nails that chipped and peeled and were unable to achieve any decent length. I went through years of using acrylics, then gel. All the while longing to get back my beautiful long, healthy nails. It came to a point when I decided to stop using gel and letting my own nails try to get back to health. The closest I came was to using gel polish. However, it never stayed and I'd wind up having my nails crack and peel....all over again!
Then one day you, told me about this new system using powder in lieu of polish. You asked if I'd try it. I was game. I had nothing to lose since my nails were awful. Well, miracles of miracles, in just a few weeks my nails were getting stronger, healthier....and the color remained on my nails perfectly for two weeks!! 
I now have my beautifully strong, long nails once more...and it's all because of the SNS gelous dipping powder."
Thank you SNS ~ Toby